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As one of the leading WordPress training institutes in Coimbatore, we offer specialized training to the students who are looking forward to starting their career in Website development using WordPress. WordPress was created with PHP and is an open source platform. WordPress is one of the most famous CMS on the market and it is a platform for millions of web pages. WordPress training in Coimbatore provided by our ProPlus AcaDemy will enhance your skills and help you to reach your professional goals.

Why Python?

Python is an Object-oriented high-level programming language. If you are looking for rapid development, then python is for you. ProPlus Academy offers the best Full Stack Python training in Coimbatore.

World’s biggest organizations such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, NASA, Netflix, Spotify, and many others use this programming language in one way or the other.

Python is the third most popular programming language. A Few reasons behind its popularity are the

  • Simple syntax
  • Ease to use
  • Open-Source language
  • Versatility

Applications for Python

1.Data Analytics

There is a need to collect, manipulate and organize a large amount of data. In the current technical era, there is a need to process bulk of data. Before Python was used for Data Analytics, developers used expensive tools like Tableau. Data analytics is a rapidly growing field where Python is used. The six steps in Data Analysis are Ask for Requirements, Data Collection, Process the data, Analyse the collected data, Share and Create reports of the data. So a strong programming language like Python is used

2. AI and Machine learning

Artificial intelligence is reforming the way we think, play and work. Python course explores the algorithms and concepts of modern artificial intelligence and machine learning that gives rise to technologies like game learning, machine translation and opens ways to many more technologies. Through our hands on training in Python certification course, students gain knowledge on theoretical frameworks enabling new technologies while gaining practical knowledge thus incorporating in their Python programming.

3. Game Development

PyGame is a developer friendly library used for developing multimedia applications such as games. You have a rich set of tools, frameworks and libraries that will help the developers to develop games with ease. Python language is an exceptional choice by developers for rapid prototyping video games.

4. Web Development

Python is widely used for Web Development. It has many development frameworks to choose from such as Django, Flask and Pyramid. These frameworks have been used to create sites such as Mozilla, Reddit, Spotify etc. Functions such as content management, Database access, data authorization are easily accessible with Python frameworks.
Not just these, Python are also used for Data Visualization, Programming applications, Language development, Designing and Finance.

Why choose ProPlus Academy for Python course in Coimbatore

  1. Real time Developers who train our Students
  2. Regular tasks from developers
  3. Hands on Experience on Live Projects
  4. Flexibility about the class timings
  5. Low course fee among the other training institutes in Coimbatore
  6. Placement Support for our students to kick-start with their career

Job Opportunities after securing a Python certification Course

Python is simple and easy to learn. It cuts off the development time to half of the actual time with its easy syntax and compilation features. It has several plenty data libraries. The job opportunities that open after completing a Python Certification course are enormous.

  • Python Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine learning Engineer
  • Python Language Application developer

It is notable that, more number of world-class organizations has adopted Python as their primary programming language. As mentioned earlier, it is a preferred language for Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Python coding Skills

After knowing the enormous job opportunities that Python open to, it is good to know the skill set that a student can focus on.

  1. Core Python coding- Knowledge of Python 2 and Python 3
  2. Python frameworks- Mastering in frameworks such as Panda, Django, Flask etc
  3. RESTful APIs-understanding the APIs and integrating them with other components.
  4. Object Relational Mapper (ORM) – interacting with database using object oriented Paradigm.
  5. Multi process Architecture-Understanding, writing and managing the threads for high-performance
  6. Developing Python Applications- able to use Packages, frameworks for code development and multiple releases


With a Python certification course, you have a promising career. Gaining a complete knowledge through your right learning partner will help you to find the best job opportunity. There might be multiple online courses, or numerous Python training institutes. But ProPlus Academy is the best for Python training in Coimbatore.