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ProPlus Academy offers Best Internship training in Coimbatore. Our internship course is carefully studied and developed by MNC professionals to meet and exceed the requirements of the IT industry. After students have completed their internships in Coimbatore, they will be familiar with the IT industry workflows and software development process.

What is Internship?

Internship refers to a contract in which a student works with a company to gain in real time working experience of the industry in which he/she is involved.

Let’s make it easier. This is a job before the job, it gives a glimpse of your career. You go to the office, have real tasks, learn the new skills and use them and get paid for them. Sounds awful, isn’t?

Why You Should Do an Internship

Internship naturally gives your colleagues a grip and distinguishes them from the crowd. The knowledge you gather through your internship prepares you to face the challenges that are likely to arise in the corporate world.

Benefits of Internship

Real Time Experience

Internship helps you gain real time and hands on experience in the process. About 55 out of 100 employers value work experience rather than qualification while recruiting. This experience will do wonders and boost your confidence in any Interview, to easily secure a Dream Job.

Knowledge Implementation

Internships enable you to apply knowledge of classrooms in real - life cases. You can use and expand your knowledge base by applying it in situations in which the result is not the number of marks that you have scored in an examination but something that may have a positive..

Helps to Explore Talent

Internships can be used as tools to recognize your talents and what you are good at. If you are getting into internship with a digital marketing company and they let you to write some blogs and articles, something you loved and might think about making it a career.

Opens Many Opportunity

Internship helps you to open doors for your career opportunity. If you are working as an Intern in a company then most likely they will recruit you as an employee rather than conducting interview for fresher and train them.

Why You Should Choose Internship Over Inplant Training

So what is Inplant training! Practical knowledge is provided in the inplant training, but this would be entirely about industry work. The training duration of the Inplant training is short and maximum of 3 months. In Inplant training you must visit the industry / company , where you learn what happens in real companies and how different they are from the education you get in college.

Ok let’s come to the point Why Internship is far superior to Inplant training. The main advantage of internships is that you are exposed to a wide range of subjects while interning and your training is not restricted to one subject or area. During an internship the range of topics you are exposed is much bigger.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our corporate Training Institute in Coimbatore has Trainers with excellent field expertise and real time exposure to the inside workflow in top MNCs.
  • All good stuff comes at a price. However, the costs should not be disruptive. We offer our courses at an affordable price in the market.
  • Get rid of the traditional theory learning system and get to know practical knowledge directly through real – time training.
  • We know time is precious. On the weekday will be a struggle for students as well as working persons. Our corporate Training Institute provide flexible timing classes suitable for all whether its morning, evening, week days or weekends.
  • Stand out in the Crowd. Ask your queries and our staff will answer all your questions. We ensure that every person is personally looked after.
  • Missed a class don’t worry we have got backup classes for you so you won’t miss any part of the module. We are open 6 days a week.
  • Are you not from Coimbatore? Do you want to participate in our program? Contact us and we can help you to organise safe accommodation in Coimbatore for the duration of your stay.